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The Thule Touring roof box range comprises of a functional roof box line that will meet all your needs. Within the Touring range there is a wide selection of sizes with varying load capacities. The innovative & modern design of the Touring ensutres you have the right box for your specific requirements.

Thule Touring models are available in 5 sizes and two colour choices, either Titan Aeroskin or Glossy Black.

All models feature: Dual sided opening for easy access (excluding Touring 600).

FastClick quick mount system with built in torque indicators that tell you when it is correctly tightened. Suitable for both Thule standard bars and aero/wing bars.

Central locking system with a failsafe feature that prevents removal of the key unless all locking points are securely closed.


  • FastClick: new FastClick quick mounting system with integrated torque indicator for easy and secure fixation.
  • 100, 200, 700 & 780 models now with Dual Side Opening for extra convenience
  • Key operated central locking system with locks on both sides (dual opening models)
  • Choice of Aeroskin Grey or Black Colours
  • Optimized design for best space efficiency
  • Touring roof boxes can be opened from both sides, for convenient fitting, loading and unloading exluding Touring 600
  • For maximum safety and theft protection the Thule Touring has several locking points
  • The patented Dual-Force spring system and outside lid handles guarantee convenient opening and closing of the box
  • Designed for fitting in a forwarded position. Enabling full access to the boot without interference with the roof box
  • 2 x matching locks are included with dual side opening and 1 x lock with single side opening


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Thule Touring Roof Boxes 100, 200, 600, 700, 780Thule Touring Roof Box

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Central Locking

Thule Roof Top Box Central Locking

Each roof box has several locking points, for safety and theft protection. The central locking feature means that the key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed.


Dual Force

A spring system which makes it easier to open and close the lid in a smooth motion. This means easy loading and access to the load, as well as making it easy to mount.


Thule Roof Top Box Power Grip Attachment

Thule's system for fitting a roof box in seconds. Equipped with a torque indicator for the securest possible fixation. Grip claws are tightened around the bars as four knobs inside the box are turned.

Thule Touring Model Details:

Model Dimensions (cm) Volume (L) Weight (KG) Capacity (KG)
Thule Touring 100 139 x 90 x 40 330 10 50
Thule Touring 200 175 x 82 x 45 400 13 50
Thule Touring 600 190 x 63 x 36 300 12 50
Thule Touring 700 232 x 70 x 42 430 15 50
Thule Touring 780 196 x 78 x 43 420 15 50


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Thule Touring Roof Top Box Series - 100, 200, 500, 600, 700, 780