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A smart kayak carrier with built in load assist. Ideal for long or heavy kayaks.

The Thule Hydroglide 873 makes rear loading of boats easier due to the two rear pads being covered in microfibre. Simply silde the boat up onto the car roof. The felt lined rear supports allow the boat to slip over them and onto the front rubber pads which securely grip the boat. Sturdy straps also secure the boat in place and have protective padding over the buckle.

The sturdy straps have a rubber pad around the buckle to protect the kayak and car from scratches during loading and transport.

Suitable for both standard & aero bars. Come complete with 2 x Rubber Grip Supports & 2 x felt glide supports (4 supports in total) as well as 1 x Pair 4m Straps.


  • Rear supports are felt lined to easily silde the kayak up onto the car.
  • Sturdy straps and rubber front foot pads keep the kayak firmly secured.
  • Comes complete with 4 supports in total & 1 x Pair of 4m Straps. Suitable for both std & aero bars.


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Thule Hydroglide 873


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Rubber Grip Supports

Thule 873 Kayak Carrier

The rubber pads protect the hull of the kayak & the roof bars from scrapes and marks when transporting the boat.

Felt Glide Supports

Thule Hydroglide Felt Supports

The felt pads allow the kayak to be slid into position from the rear of the vehicle.

Hydroglide 873 Pack

Thule Hydroglide 873

Come complete with 2 x Rubber Grip Supports & 2 x felt glide supports as well as 1 x Pair 4m Straps.

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Thule Kayak Hydroglide 873